» How $10 Online Linen Will Really Cost You $45
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How $10 Online Linen Will Really Cost You $45

How $10 Online Linen Will Really Cost You $45

Many times brides look at the cost of table linen (standard linens rent for $15-$25 per piece) and wonder why it costs so much? Brides then find $10 linens online and it seems cheaper to purchase rather than rent.

However, the issue with online linen is they arrive completely wrinkled so you end up needing to launder and press them. The cost is about $15 per piece. So if the online linen cost you $10 plus $3 shipping and you add $15 for laundering and pressing, you are looking at $28 for inferior linens.

However, it doesn’t end there. After you pick up the online linens from the cleaner you must deliver them to the venue ($3 in gas), set them on the table and at the end of the night take them down. Afterward, you must drag them home, take them back to the cleaner (another $15) and finally post online to hopefully sell them. And this is how a $10 online cheap linen will cost you $45.

In the end, online cheap linen is more expensive and stressful than if you simply paid the $15-$25 to have a professional take care of it for you.

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