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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

Picking a venue can be tough. You fall in love and book it, only to find out later you must pay to rent tables and chairs. Or that you need to pay for additional hours because 6 hours is not enough to do setup and breakdown. Or that you must use their caterer and the minimum
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How $10 Online Linen Will Really Cost You $45

Many times brides look at the cost of table linen (standard linens rent for $15-$25 per piece) and wonder why it costs so much? Brides then find $10 linens online and it seems cheaper to purchase rather than rent. However, the issue with online linen is they arrive completely wrinkled so you end up needing to launder and press
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Who Pays For What In Weddings?

According to The Knot you should forget the rule that says certain people have to pay for certain things. The bride’s parents need not take out a third mortgage to pay for the wedding, and the groom’s parents are not off the hook either. Besides, the bride & groom might even be covering a good chunk of the
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